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Wampanoag Unit Study

The Wampanoag native american tribe, was the tribe that helped the pilgrims, when they reached the Eastern shores of the United States.
For this unit study we made a Wikkiup.  This is a traditional Wampanoag home.  We used some twigs that we gathered, some moss from the dollar store, a fabric that looked a lot like tanned animal hide to me, some hot glue, and some card board.

 This was our first project, so this became the home for our class pet, Rocky.
 This is Rocky.  We painted Rocky acrylics.   He survives on Faith and Prayer.  Each child gets a turn to take him home for the week, use him as prayer rock,  and bring him back on Fridays.
 We made native american feather headdresses, like those that the Wampanoag people might have worn to the first thanksgiving dinner.
This was a super easy craft.  I let each child pick 10 feathers.  Then we used a banded elastic and a hot glue gun, we glued on the feathers and then tied the band on their heads.  This was a highlight for them, and they were excited to see how different they each were.

We made traditional Wampanoag jewelry using copper beads, seashells, leather strings, and wooden beads.
I bought most of the craft items from JoAnns and the DollarStore.  The kids had a blast.  We also talked about traditional Wampanoag food.  I provided jerky, popcorn, and dried cranberries for the kids to snack on while we made our crafts.
This was a super helpful site, when I was researching what I wanted to share with the kids and how I wanted to share it

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