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Amelia Earhart's "love is in the air" look

 As I thought about this weeks challenge for Project Run and Play  I had two ideas, first I knew I wanted to have a skirt made from hearts, with out actually having hearts on the print.  And the second thought, was that I wanted to somehow incorporate Amelia Earhart's look in to the design.  When I think of Amelia Earhart, I think of clean lines, bomber jackets, and a neck scarf. I looked her up.  Did you know she is attributed to designing the first pants look for women.  She called it the look for "active women"  THANK YOU Mrs. Amelia!  She was featured in Vogue and everything.  I of course chose Amelia for the "in the air" part of the theme, "Love is in the air". She was an amazing pilot and inspiration to women everywhere.  She helped us to know that we can do hard things!  I also thought it fit nicely since I say her name "air-heart".

First, the skirt.  I made a pattern for half a heart taking up most of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.  I cut the pattern on the fold, creating the heart. I found the brown fabric in the remnant bin, and matched fat quarters with it, using 3 of each color(green, pink, and yellow).  I cut out 18 hearts in all, making this a very full skirt!

                         See those little toes, helping me wherever I go :)
When I finished sewing it all together, it reached up to the ceiling and half way back again.  I then layered the "garland" in to a circle, spiraling it around, so the hearts all laid flat.  Think 6 layers of Four leaf clovers. Then I measured #5's waist, and used one of my dishes with a similar circumference.  I used a sharpy marker tracing around the spiral, until every heart had 1/4 of a circle on it.  And then I cut it out.  This cut all of the points off of the hearts.  I used this remnant to make a little skirt for Jo-Jo(this was my baby doll when I was little, and now it is #5's).

Next I gathered the garland.  I do this by sewing 3 basting stitches, across the entire length of the garland, and then pulling at the three strings simultaneously, so that I might "gather" the fabric.
Next I measured the elastic, and sewed it directly on to the gathered skirt.  For this look, I used a button to fasten it at the back, and later added a second strip of elastic, for a vivid color contrast.  I wanted to keep this as a grass skirt look so I decided not to stitch the two outside edges together.
Right after I took this picture, the camera broke forever, and I had to revert back to the web camera, for the rest of the photo shoot.  
Now for the outfit.  I copied an old navy dress for the pattern for this shirt. I like the linen, and I think it will be very comfortable, soft, and washable!  I made several mistakes and revamps but, in the end I really like how it turned out.  I made the bias, that goes around the shirt collar.  The sleeves are finished with fold over elastic. The hem at the bottom is done with my straight stitch, on the very shortest stitch.  I like the almost braided look that it gives it.

The pants happened, because the shirt was to short to be a dress :)  so of course it needed something on bottom!  And, this is where I was finally able to bring in the Earhart look!  Yahoo.  I decided since she was back in the planning, I would honor her with a very plain, comfortable pant, and a cuff at the bottom.  I cut this pattern off a pair of khakis, that #5 wears.  The waist band is the fold over and finish elastic.  It is becoming a new favorite of mine.  I only have a sewing machine that sews a straight stitch, and no serger, so I try to save time, wherever possible, and that elastic, seems to be a go to for me.  The pants are simple, and do the job.

Lastly we bring in the bomber jacket.  This was so fun to make!  I cut everything really big, off of one of #5's jackets, and then I gathered the sleeves and waist.  I finished them with elastic.  I also lined the jacket with the same fabric-just a printed cotton, to give it a heavier "leather" feel.  I added the minky and buttons, just for fun!  And the outfit was soon completed with the aviator hat, and iconic scarf.  That hat pattern was cut off the hood of an old jacket.  I lined it with minky for softness and warmth.



  1. That's a lot of sewing! Turned out really cute!

  2. Such a fun idea to tie in "In the Air"! Love it! And the outfit is very cute too!

  3. So sorry about your camera. Yikes! I do love the idea of a bomber jacket on a little girl. So cute.

  4. I'm in love. Cute outfit - and so much thought behind it!


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