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Crib Re-purpose: Headboard and Photo Clip Board

This week besides PR&P, we will be focusing on 4 useful things you can make with one crib.

A little while back Scary decided to get rid of her crib because it was falling apart. She told me she would either take it to the dump or I could use it for some projects. I took the helpless, orphaned crib and gave it a new beginning. There was practically a zero waste on all of these projects put together.

Twin Size Headboard

The first project we did was to take one of the sides of the crib and cut it down a little on each end (because the top and bottom bar that extended on each side made it too long). It really just depends on how big your bed frame is; measure from the outside edge of one side to the outside edge of the other side. Pre-drill where your headboard bolts into your frame. Sand any rough edges.

The original crib was a dark brown, so I used it as a base coat. Then I took a royal blue craft paint and painted over the brown. At that point all you could see was blue. I pulled out a piece of sandpaper and sanded away to give a distressed look. I was really glad to use craft paint because I had it on hand. Also it's not a super high quality paint so it distressed easily.

 Ty loves it and it saves the pillows from falling onto the floor heater.

 The total project took about 2 hrs. And only required some cutting, drilling, craft paint, sand paper, bolts, and nuts.

Photo Clip Board

Can I just say I loved this project!? It took a total of 10 minutes to prep and hang.

This was made from the spring board of the crib. All we had to do was drill out the rivets that attached the spring board to the crib. In order to do this you will need a drill and a drill bit the right size.

Then I got some miniature clothes pins and hung up different pictures I had lying around.

Anyone have other ideas you could do with with the side and spring board of a crib? Check back with us Thursday and Saturday to see what we did with the rest of the crib.

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  1. I love the idea of using the springs as a picture post. Maybe even a place to hang all the Christmas cards I get each year.


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