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New Year with Nae

Dear Friends,
    It has been awhile since my last post but I think I might be getting the hang of this!  :)  We hope right!! This last month has been crazy busy with all the different thing going on from traveling, to being Santa's little helpers, and making presents.  What great fun we have had!!!  Now the tree has been taken down presents been put away and a new year has begun!!  I wish I could say I have gotten off to a good start on my new years resolutions but to be honest I haven't been. I will start and do better now!! :)
The new year started off busy like always. Bubba is getting ready for school to start again which means work, buying book, and starting homework, Ralph is back in school and had a great week back so far!!!  And I have started my substitute teaching job as well as working with Ralphs after school program!! It was so much fun!! 
 Speaking of new years resolutions I have a few, such as,
                               -keep on top of our budget
                               -losing weight! (which is always a new years resolution)
                              - getting my apartment set up and organized!! I have said that since I got married and with two boys, myself and a dog well lets just say the process has been slow!! 
                              - finish the projects I have started such as:
                                     - a Job chart
                                     - baby blankets
                                     - a nursing blanket
                                     - pajama pants
                                     - clothes I started to make for myself
 Overwhelmed yet? I am!! Goodness!! No worries they all won't be accomplished in the first month of the year!! I have started a few and am almost done! I will post some pictures. Can't wait for the next blog post, to show how we are doing!!! For now TaTa!!!

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  1. We really love you Nae! I can't believe you have time for any creating, with all of the other things that you have going on. You A-M-A-Z-E me. You are a terrific example. Keep it up!
    with love-


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