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A Little bit about Nae

What made you fall in love with Bubba?
That is an interesting question!!  No I'm kidding!  The first time I met Bubba I thought he was a nice guy and had a great sense of humor! But as I got to know him more and more I fell in love with him for his unfailing kindness and love for others. As well as his gift for not judging someone.  Those to me represented great qualities.  I have to say it but he had one of those smiles. :)

Who is the most influential person in your life that shaped who you are today? Explain.
 The most influential person in my life would have to be my dad!!  He has been a thriving example of someone I would like to be like.  He is always honest, kind, a person to talk to or someone who just listens, he gives great advice.  But most of all he has taught me lesson in my life whether I agreed with him or not, that I have taken to heart and applied them to my life and am now teaching my family. He has always been there for me when I needed it that most!!

Where is your most favorite place in the world (that you have actually been to and brings peace to your soul) and why?
My favorite place in the whole world is the canyon where I grew up!!  And the reason why is because it does bring me peace and joy.  There are places that I would hike to and just sit and meditate because it was quiet and peaceful.  I also like it because there was so much to do swim , hike, explore, and be with those I loved and grew up with.  I still to this day love to go up there and take a walk and meditate!

What is your favorite snack any time of the day?
My favorite snack is a peanut butter and honey sandwich with bananas in the middle!!  I can eat those at any time. They are so good!!

What is your default meal to make when you have people over (include the recipe)?
Bubba, would say that I make salad all the time.  But I think the meal that I refer back to most of all is Homemade hamburgers and homemade french fries!  Hmmm!! So good!!  The recipe is to:
*Thaw about 1 pound of hamburger( I can get about three hamburgers in one pound)  It really just depends on how big you want the hamburger.
*For hamburger to stick together you can use an egg and a few crackers.
*Then you can use any seasoning you would like!  I like to use onion powder, seasoning salt, and garlic powder.
* Cook on grill till the fluid coming from the hamburger
*Fill pot or deep fry pan with oil about 2in deep and turn on med heat
*Cut potato's into thin or thick slices
*place one int he pot and if it bubbles and floats then the oil is ready
*place fries in oil and cook till golden brown and serve!!
*you can season fries however you would like as well!!
What is your greatest challenge as a new mother of a seven year old?
The greatest challenge of being a mother of a seven year old is discipline.  Knowing what to do in situations that come up. There are so many people that will say, "well I am going to do this with my kids,"  but in reality it is so different then if we don't have kids.

What is the best approach for someone to get to know you and become your friend?
The best way to get to know me is to spend time with me and questions.  I am a rather shy person but I am working on being open and expressing myself.  So the best way to spend time with my in environments that open me up!

Tell us a funny story about what it was like to grow up with only brothers.
A funny story! Growing up my family lived up in the country where we were able to run a hot springs, a dry farm and 2 green houses full of tomato's and cucumbers.  Ok so there's the background but here's the story:  My brothers and I would always be on a summer swim team and one weekend we were up at Jackson hole at a swim meet and on the way home my brothers called my name from the back seat.  Well as I turned around I was blue darted in the face.  If you don't know what a blue dart is, it is where someone farts into a flame and the flame flies out!  Well this blue dart of was huge enough to singe my eyebrows.  Now that I look back on it I just say oh their just boys and laugh.  But back then I was furious!!!  Needless to say each day was an adventure with my brothers!!   

What has been the biggest adjustment marrying into a family that has 3 sisters?
Well coming from a family of all boys and marrying into a family of sisters, the biggest adjustment is the fact that I can talk to them and they understand me!!  I only had my mom and now I have 3 sisters that I can talk to!!!  It is a good adjustment!

What is your favorite movie to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket?
Well my movies have changed over the years.  When I was younger I would curl up with good ole Anne of Green Gables.  As a teenager it was I curled up to the Mummy series.  Now I would curl up to a good musical, Harry Potter, or a good mystery movie!

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
No I do not! I slide my shoes off unless they are to tight!

What is the first thing that you notice about people?
The first think I notice about people are their moods and expressions. You can tell if someone is happy or not or approachable or not just by that.

Do you think that you are strong?
I would like to think I am strong in all aspects.  But I think I am more strong physically and enduring pain than I am mentally.

What is your favorite recipe?
My favorite recipe is a No Bake Cookie recipe of my moms that have failed to get from her but the second best recipes are the ones that you can make from scratch.

If you were a crayon what color would you be?
I would be Rainforest Green.  The name just sounds majestic and I would like to go there someday.

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  1. Nae,
    I love this post! Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the computer problems. We sure love you, and you add so much to our blog. Way to go awesome momma!


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