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What? Valentines day already?

The other day, I had all of the big boys quietly reading in their rooms, and both of the littles napping.  As I was cleaning up around the house, my heart stopped.  "Oh no", I thought, "Its Valentines day in 2 days.  What should I do?"

So, I started to think over all of the pinterest ideas that I had seen, having to do with heart shaped food- I felt inspired.

I am sure we all saw these-on pinterest.  Thanks for the idea Tip Junkie  I think they turned out pretty cute, but we just ate them as a side dish.  Yum Yum cooked carrots!

There was a I am momma hear me roar's (not heart shaped) post on pretzel making, that she found from Just get off your butt and bake!  I figured I could probably adapt that to heart shapes.  So, I just went from memory, having skimmed through it the night before.  I made my own bread dough recipe, that I love!

Jo's standard bread recipe
2 1/4 tsp of yeast
2 tbsp of honey or three or four-I just give the honey bottle a good long squeeze!
1 1/3 c warm water
stir it together until the yeast is dissolved, bubbly, and my kids say "stinky"
Then mix in 1 beaten egg, 3 1/4 of whole wheat flour (this is the kind I use), 2 tbsp of oil, and 1 tsp of salt.

I put all of this in the bread maker and set it to the dough setting. (1 hour and 30 minutes)

When it was finished mixing and rising, I took it out and rolled it really thin- "pizza dough crust thin".  I used my heart shape cookie cutter, and cut out some flat bread.
Then I rolled it pizza crust thin again and sliced it in to long thin strips-think egg noodle width.
I then shaped those in the shape of a heart pretzel.  On the stove top, I had a pot about 3 inches deep with boiling water.  I threw the pretzel hearts in there and when they started to float, I took them out and sprinkled them with coarse sea salt.
I baked them for about 10 minutes.  at 350 degrees.

As for the flat bread, I let it rise for about 20 minutes and then I baked them for about 12 minutes again at 350, I took them out when they looked done.  I could tell, because they were puffy.  Cut in half, these were perfect for pb&j sandwiches!

 I hope you are wondering whether or not I realized that it wasn't actually 2 days until Valentines Day, but in fact it was actually January 14th.  Yah, thats how I roll.   I realized it, about 3/4 of the way through making these yummy breads.  So, my V-day scare has morphed in to Valentines month around here.  An entire month to wear pink and think about love.  I am driving the boys nuts!  Haha- my one soul purpose in life!
-With Love,

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