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You Driving Me Crazy T-Shirt Vinyl with Racing Pants

Looking for some other fun Valentine's Outfits, here are some previous posts that might be helpful.
I had an idea for T-Shirt Vinyl for Ryder a few weeks ago because every time I accelerate quickly he says, "Mom, You driving me Crazy." (mind you this is said with his cute speech problems, so I am not sure everyone would understand. But I do).
When I abandoned my hard Valentine's Day sewing idea than I went through fishing in his shirts. I had bought a blank navy shirt to be used as PJ's so I fished it out for this project. I wanted the writing to surround the car but I am not sure the way that I had the text wrap it was the easiest to read, but I know what it says and Ryder loves that it has a car on it.
When I showed it to him the next morning, he ran with elation. As he exclaimed, "My car shirt." He scooped it up and hugged it.
I was so relieved. About 1 minute later, he pointed out that it was just a shirt and asked, "Where are my car pants."
Dazed and confused of how he could go from joy to complete sadness in a matter of moments,  I said, "Sorry, I don't know how to make car pants."
He said, "Ya, Mom you can make car pants."
My second attempt, "I don't have enough material."
"Ya, there is some in my bedroom. I will go get it." (my fabric cubby is hanging in their bedroom)
At that point I just smiled and realized that Boy Week had given him a boost of confidence that I could make more than just pretty dresses but boy clothes too.

I went to my fabric stash and found a men's 4XL shirt (that I found on the $1 rack at Walmart) with horizontal stripes. I realized if I ran the pattern pieces so the stripes were running down his legs instead of across then I knew it would be perfect. The only thing that I changed for last week's comfies was that I needed to cut the pattern a little wider so it would still be comfortable, even though it didn't have the full stretch to it. The bottom of the pants are made using the ribbing from the top of the shirt.

Ryder is a huge fan of the comfort and movement in this outfit.
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  1. Wow! You gals are busy this week! Very comfy looking.

  2. ahh... a boy who loves it when his mom sews for him. Such a wonderful feeling. (super cute outfit too)

  3. Very fun! Scary. I love how that turned out.

  4. I love that he asked for pants too. Cute shirt!

  5. Show and Tell Saturday is LIVE at Sassy Little Lady! I’d love to have you come join the party!



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