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Join Us in Making for Mom Series

We are so excited to (re)announce our Make for Mom Series. In May you should try to not miss a day of selfish making, because heaven knows we all need to be selfish once and a while
We called for guest posters for the series out of our instagram friends and followers and we were happy to fill most of the open positions. You should be so excited because no matter your ability, interest or need we have it all!
We are asking you to "Make Along". Just like our inspiration contributors we don't have any rules besides you make for you and your needs. I hope you have as much fun as we are planning our selfish making.

The Made for Mom's Who's Who:

AmandaJedi Craft Girl
MaeThe Life of a Compulsive Crafter
OlubunmiZoeEden Design
MichelleHandmade Martinin
MelissaMellywoods Mansion
AjaireCall Ajaire
SusanWinter Wonderings, Wanderings and Whatnot
ShannonLittle Kids Grow
MaegenFoster Ramblings
MaxMax California
CailaCaila Made
BonnieFish Stick Design
KCThe Real Thing with the Coake Family
liZSimple Simon & Co.
and a few more that we are still working on scheduling


  1. Such a great group and fun theme! I'm excited :)


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