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Simple Twists

A couple of months ago, I was walking through a store and saw the cutest flower applique fabric that I just had to have!  However, I wasn't sure what I could use it for when I saw it.  I couldn't justify buying it at the time, but when an opportunity arose to make a couple of dresses for my niece's I just had to say yes!
When I was thinking of the design for the dresses I was thinking princess style.  The flower material had many different colors of flowers and so I chose yellow satin for my 2 year old niece with brown hair and pink satin for my 1 year old niece with red hair.  Each color complimenting the girls complexion. Each dress is simple with a few twists to them which makes them unique and different. 
The yellow dress has a mild sweetheart neckline to create a more princess look, pedal sleeves, and band around the midriff with a bow tie in the back.  The dress itself gathers at the midriff, and has lining and tulle underneath to make the poof factor.  I used the flower applique over the top and hand stitched the bottom to make the bubble hem.


 The little details on it are: the gather on the bodice, the hand made bow at the midriff which connects with the V shape which allows the beautiful yellow satin material to show through the flower applique material.


The pink satin dress has a regular round neckline because I wanted to keep the innocence of the little girl look still verses the yellow dress.  The sleeves are a regular puff sleeve with gathers at the bodice, the dress portion has a bubble hem again with tool and lining on the inside to give fullness and gathers at the bodice.


The detailing is simple and perfect for a one year old.  The details are the  flower wrap around the middle of the dress separating the bodice from the dress it goes from the from all the way to the back to create a tie.


The other detail is the ribbon going around the bottom of the flower applique material creating a nice round finish at the bottom of the dress.


When I decided to do these dresses I had to sit down and draw out the dresses so that I had an idea of what I wanted to do.  I used a few pattern pieces from the Simplicity patterns, numbers 2265 and 1701A, but then deviated to make the dresses my own and the way that I wanted them to look.  Which made me glad that I had drawn out the pictures.
   These two dresses are my first attempts to making little kids cloths and I have to say it was hard but it was worth it to see those two girls light up when they got their dresses. It has been a great experience and I hope that I can continue to challenge myself in making new things.  In hind site I would do a few things differently but that is why we do things that challenge us to make us learn and learn from our mistakes.  Both dresses turned out so cute and I can't wait for the next challenge.
  Before  I leave today I wanted to express my gratitude for my sisters on the blog for allowing me to be a part of their family and the blog! Unfortunately life has thrown a few lemons my way the last couple of months and I have to step away from the blog for a little while. But I appreciate all of my readers support and hope that I can come back soon. 


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  3. The dresses are so pretty! How nice of you to make these for your nieces. I often draw out what I envision, too.


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