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Scary and Al are moving today!

Next week we will all live in the west again.  It will be so nice for us all to be within 8 hours of Grandmas house!
Al and her family are moving home from Chicago, and living with Grandma and Grandpa Shaffer this summer.  That lucky girl gets to see this all summer!

She is probably most excited about being home, among the friends and family she grew up with.


Scary is moving out of her in-laws house and in to a cute apartment in the Greater Salt Lake area.

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She said she is most excited for the Salt Lake City Library, because she knows there are some pretty amazing sewing and cook books there.
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I am so excited for my sisters and this fun transition day.
Al and her family are all packed and ready to go.
This is our Dad and our Brother moving Scary's stuff from Idaho to Utah. 

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