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Vintage Inspired Summer Dress: The Life Of Compulsive Crafter {Make for Mom 2013}

Mae is someone we ran into each other in the sewing instagram world, I love the stuff that she makes for her kids and her homeschooling pictures always make me smile. We are so pleased to have her here today, she totally knocked this design out of the park. The fabric is so pretty what a lucky clearance find. 

Hi! My name is Mae & I blog on The Life Of  A Compulsive Crafter. I'm really excited to be writing a guest post for the Shaffer Sisters for so many reasons!

1. They are amazing seamstresses who I admire.
2. This is the FIRST guest post I have been asked to do. 
3. This is the FIRST adult garment that I have created!

What a monumental post this is & getting here certainly wasn't easy. If there is any theme to the experience, it's overcoming obstacles. I feel like I've seen it all in these last few weeks! First, my serger broke. Twice. In a row. Then, my dress started changing from cool vintage to 80's prom. Finally, my computer started having some major malfunctions in iphoto and I honestly thought "This is it, I'll never finish and I give up." ... but I didn't. I pushed through and yelled at my dress and asked for help when I needed it from amazing friends and family. In the end, I'm so pleased. I love my dress& I feel a huge boost of confidence.

As I said, this was my first adult garment and boy was I in for some fun. It is made from Simplicity pattern 2444. I came across a blogger who made a gorgeous dress using it and decided to google search it to see if anyone else had success with the pattern. I was really excited when I found multiple dresses in different styles that I loved.  So, I promptly purchased the pattern and thought it would be a quick sew. See, I am so use to making my son and daughter clothing so I hadn't realized how much time and effort went into fit with an adult garment. I should have photographed the first fitting, it was horrendous! After lots of pinning and tucking, I feel like I have an amazing dress! It is rocking some amazing pockets and is in a charmeuse fabric. It has a bit of spandex (4%) which gives just the right amount of stretch.

The kicker is that I picked up the fabric on oober clearance and made the entire dress for $7. 

I want to give one last thank you to the Shaffer Sisters for asking me to be apart of this series. I most certainly would have tossed this dress in the corner and shunned adult sewing, but this challenge pushed me to overcome the obstacles and learn so much along the way! 


  1. This is amazing! I know firsthand how difficult it is to fit clothing to adult bodies... I'm really impressed with the fit here, especially as a first-ever ladies' garment! Great job Mae!

  2. I can't believe this is your first adult garment! The fit is amazing. Really great job Mae!

  3. Love it! You did an amazing job!!

  4. Thanks for posting this Mae. It is pretty terrific. My sisters and I were gushing and talking about how to alter it, and we just love it!
    with love

  5. wow looks amazing!! and great deal on the fabric!

  6. This is truly awesome ! it is new ~ vintagey looking !!!! great job !


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