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Fun Summer Activities: Hiking; Palouse Falls

My family loves the outdoors.  We love to camp, hike, bike, run, swim at the lake, build sand castles and most of all- GET DIRTY.
Hiking is the perfect way to burn energy and see amazing sights at the same time.  Recently we went on a little excursion about 2 hours from our home.  We went to the beautiful Palouse falls.
When you pull up to the camp site, you suddenly realize that it is a site that is meant for tourists.

 A few of the kids enjoying the cool breeze coming off the ravine.
 Look at those fat Rock-chucks just sunning themselves!

 The boys found a jumping spider, they were cautiously interested.
 Rogue is checking out our neighbors tent.  Good thing we are related, so they didn't mind.
Some last minute breakfast before we hit the trail.

 The park had perfectly manicured lawns, sparse trees, a solid 3 foot wide trail covered with landscaping rock, and a fenced view of  the waterfall.
So we walked down the landscaped trail until we reached the end of the landscaping, and then the trail got a little more difficult.

At this point we decided to send all of the little's back to camp with my brother in law.  

We hiked down  a rocky mountain face, and into a beautiful canyon.

 This is the little's and my Brother-in-law on the edge of the ravine, waving at us.

 We played in the upper water fall.

 We dipped our toes and sometimes bodies into the pool and loved every second of the coolness.
 We talked about the surrounding landscape.
 The Hulk thought about gnawing on some river weed for a little snack.
 We conquered the upper falls, lets try for the lower falls.

We found a shady cave along the way.

As we hiked, we were entranced with the beauties of Gods creations.

What a lovely site.

If you look really closely you can see us on the upper left of this picture.
While hiking back, we all had that good feeling of working hard and using our bodies for good.  
When we got back to camp, my sister-in-law had prepared an amazing cold lunch that hit the spot perfectly!

The kids had just enough silly left in them to be good company. 
It was a lovely trip.
My advice, take extra water bottles on your hike, one for everyone.
Wear lots of sunscreen.
Take your camera to capture memories.
Keep a positive attitude. 
Don't do more than you can, if you get to a dangerous part in the trail turn around.  
Have fun!


  1. Wow that looks like a fun place to go hiking! Thanks for sharing. ~Major Moma

  2. Thanks for your comment Major Moma!
    we had an absolute blast.
    It was a super fun place to go.
    with love,


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