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Fun Summer Activities: In the garden

One of our favorite spring activities is to plant a garden as a family.  But, then the summer usually gets filled up with traveling and our garden gets filled up with weeds.
This year we planted and replanted and planted again, and we were determined to keep our garden growing..  But, then like usual, we decided to take a summer vacation.  Now that Captain America works over the internet, we can live anywhere, so we decided to spend the summer with Grandparents.  Our garden has once again been left behind.
But, luckily the Grandparents have gardens too.  So we can continue to teach the kids a principle of spending daily time in the garden.  We decided that we need to be in the garden every evening for 15 minutes.  It has become a habit that ends with the reward of Dad reading to them in bed.
OK, this picture is 6 years old, but I couldn't help sharing our first after the "In the garden" picture.

Some boys eat dirt.

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