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Master Organizer Box: Day Dividers, Individual Task Sheets & Task Examples

You can find the Master Organizer Files at the bottom of the post. 
Yesterday, we shared the idea behind the Master Organizer, over on Get Your Crap Together. I decided to use the master organizer to help me plan my weeks because it seems like every day requires a little different schedule. Some days are full of family outings and others are good for getting lots of things done.
I needed a schedule that adapted to my schedule.
I opened up a word file on my computer changed the page size to 4 by 6 and then put each task that I need to accomplish frequently on a card. Some of them I allotted a time, like play out in the park or watch a kids show.  This is what the file looked like:
Once you assign a color of a task to a member of a family then you would print out that task card on that color. For example if my color was pink,  here is what a task card would look like.
This can serve to a visual representation to me and the members of my family of what needs to be done. But it is also flexible enough that if we need to move something to another day we simply move the task to another day divider.
For example, I was planning on cleaning my bathrooms on Monday but we had something come up so I would move that card to Tuesday. Often times things need to be done so many days per week but they really don't need to be done every Monday or the house will explode.
I also think this will help me prepare for family trips because I can move the task cards earlier in the week to avoid a vacation preparation rush. 
Another divider of on the system is Week 1-4. This is for bill paying and other monthly activities. My husband is paid every 2 weeks and not on a certain day of month (like 5th and the 20th). It is important for me to split bills between paydays. For example I would put a pay electricity and water card in week 3, pay rent and internet in week 1.
Now, I am going to own up to something... today with you I will be starting this system. I have tried other systems to get my family organized and hated the ridged nature of them because they didn't adapt. I hated them so much, that I might have shouted from the roof tops, "I WILL NEVER EVER BE SCHEDULED AGAIN!"
I have tried to go unscheduled for a number of months and I keep forgetting things, double booking and not getting things done that I need to. I have really thought through what would be rigid enough to get the important things done but flexible enough that I won't loose my mind. Lets see how this month goes, I would love to hear from you with any additions you might need or changes you made to the system yourself.
I am off to the store to get some blank 4 by 6 recipe cards and I am planning to change the color of my wooden recipe box to match.
With Love,

I am giving you this information in flexible ways so you can adapt this organizing system to what works best for you. Please remember that all files are for personal use and are property of Shaffer Sisters.

Master Organizing File (which includes Day Dividers, Week Dividers, Task Seperator and 4 by 6 blank Task Sheets, but does not include examples of tasks)
Example of Tasks (PDF/Word)
Day Dividers
Week Dividers
4 by 6 Task Sheets (recipe cards)

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  1. This is awesome! I love being organized, but I never seem to find the time to make my own sheets. Thanks so much for sharing yours!

    Kim @ {enjoy the view}


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