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Sew a Skirt: Deb from So Sew Easy {Make for Mom}

We are so excited to have Deb from So Sew Easy. We had orginally tried to schedule her for May's Make for Mom series, but because of employment obligations she was coming to the party a little late. We are so glad that she is reminding us that sustaining our wardrobe  needs to be constant and not only in May. I came across Deb's site when I was attending link up parties. It seemed like out of the masses of links I always ended up clicking on Deb's sewing projects which I know was no coincidence because she is a sewing rockstar. Her website teaches how to take an average pattern (boxy) pattern and transform it into something stunning and classy. She also has tutorials for how to make your own patterns. You really should check her out, I mean her site out

Thanks to the sisters for allowing me to share a bit about my sewing fascination with you.  I could talk for hours.  It’s the strangest thing – I used to be so shy.  Scurry past with my head down and never make eye contact, sort of shy. I never knew what to talk about.   But in these last few months I’ve really changed. I want people to notice me, stop me and talk.  And it’s all down to one thing.  I now sew, and it makes me happy and confident.
Specifically I sew my own clothes, and this has been an amazing way for me to overcome my shyness and talk to people. I walk around proudly in whatever I just made up this week, and my colleagues and friends ask – did you make that?  It gives me an easy opportunity to speak to people about a subject I am enthusiastic about.  I’ve made new friends.  We talk about how our mother’s used to sew, and then how the clothing industry changed and all that terrible low price, low quality sweatshop clothing flooded the fashion market and it was no longer economical to make clothes for your self and the family any more.  Working moms turned to the outlets and chain stores to save time and save money.

But I think times are changing and I am seeing new enthusiasm for sewing.  Not only can you make good quality clothes, you can make them to fit you just how you like (although its not always easy), you can make them in the exact fabrics that you like, and make the designs you know that flatter your figure.  In terms of price, if I shop carefully for fabrics, use coupons when they are available, and try to only buy fabric I know I have a use for, then I find it very economical. Certainly here in the Cayman Islands its much cheaper to make clothes than to buy them; especially nicer clothes or clothes for work.

As a follower of the Shaffer Sisters site, you may already be a keen sewist.  Or perhaps you are keen to learn or improve like many of my friends.  You might be interested in a new series just recently started over at So Sew Easy – the Sew A Skirt beginners tutorial series.  If you are fairly new to sewing and keen to improve your skills, why not join me and follow along in my step by step lessons.  I’ll be covering the very basics from how to choose and prepare your fabric, through a unique way to draft your own custom fit skirt pattern, and easy to follow tutorials for darts, zippers, lining and more.  You can join in at any time and follow along at your own pace – it will be up on the site permanently with a new post published every few days.  If you already know the basics, just pick and choose which topics would be helpful for you.
Or if you are already an accomplished sewist, do drop over to take a look at some of my own free sewing patterns for everything from underwear to blouses and a lovely summer dress.  I’d love to see you.

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  1. Thank you very much for allowing me to share my new enthusiasm for sewing on your site. I'm convinced sewing clothes should not be a lost art but something we can all take part in and really enjoy. And with so many online classes available you don't have to go it alone if you want to learn.
    Thanks once again, Deby at So Sew Easy


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