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Downtown V-Neck: Fishsticks Design Blog Tour & Pattern Giveaway

The pattern (from Fishsticks Design) and fabric (from Riley Blake) were received free of charge, but all opinions are mine.
Just over four years ago I found out I would be having a little boy. I was so excited and was determined I would dress him preppy like his daddy. I had been able to do that pretty solidly until last year when my "little boy" started outgrowing his 4T stuffI went shopping and was horrified to find everything in the boys section was littered with skulls and other undesirable graphics. I remember calling Momma Shaffer crying. I was totally frustrated, because my new 3 year old who was scared of the dark should not be wearing skulls (to be honest I really don't like skulls for any age, guess I got that from my momma).

It was that day that Momma Shaffer reminded me that I knew how to sew and though I didn't know as much about styling for boys I could do it. I started small, shorts and pjs. Then I sewed a few collared shirts. When Bonnie ask me to join in her pattern tour I couldn't have been more excited because a knit V-neck shirt has always seemed scary but my boy style boards are full of V-neck shirts, so I was up for the challenge.
This pattern goes from size 12M-14Y!  I am excited that I will be able to sew this shirt pattern for Ryder for years! The instructions were so easy to follow that I was able to make this shirt in one naptime! Ryder was beyond excited to find the pieces of fabric when he went down were a full blown shirt when he woke up.
I made the size 6 even though Ryder is not quite 4, because he has strong shoulders. And what fits today is sure to be outgrown tomorrow (always in the 99% on head size, height and weight). The sleeves and the length are a little longer than I usually would make but I think this might because of the great recovery and drape in this knit. I think if I was do it again with a similar fabric I would shorten to the size 5 length and sleeves. But then I might not because he is probably going to get another growth spurt next week. And this shirt worked good tucked into his pants or out, really it is just a personal preference.

I opted to have finished arm bands and bottom band, instead of the raw edges like instructed, this probably added to the length as well. I also left the chest pocket off because I don't want him putting something in pocket that ruins the shirt. I also think it goes more with the preppy style I love!
I love the vivid colors in this fabric. I had Ryder select which fabric he wanted and he most matter of factually declared he wanted the large orange stripe pointing at the yellow stripe (we are working on colors good thing he has 2 years before kindergarten). So I corrected him and sent him away as I decided that gray would be a good contrasting color to the orange yellow.
The fabric and wear ease in this shirt,  allowed for good movement with every direction and speed Ryder moved. As he rushed busily around the library, through the different reading rooms, changing books, rushing to the elevator and splashing in the water at the fountains. In ever instance the fabric recovered well and handled everything he threw at it. On the way home from the library he spilled red sports drink on it and I wanted to cry.
I am happy to report that this fabric even washes well with a pretreat soak the red was out! I think I would have cried if it wouldn't have come out. Now I am trying to figure out what store near me sells Riley Blake knit fabric, so I can buy more of it to make me something. Does anyone know the Salt Lake area well enough to give me a suggestion?
This bright yellow shirt is sure to be the burst of sunshine for loads of laundry in the future. And the energetic little boy who it belongs to is sure to keep up with its positive energy as he meets friends at the library, store or playground.
 Want a chance to win your own Downtown V-Neck pattern?
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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 I am going to let you in on a little secret...each blog has a pattern to give away so you really should check it out not just because they are talented but because it gives you more chances to win patterns. 


  1. Looks wonderful!! I love the yellow and gray together. He looks very pleased and comfy in his new shirt.

  2. Great Pattern! I love the color combo too. Well done!

  3. The colors are perfect together. I totally love the whole preppy look on little boys too. There is so much you can do now with this pattern as a base. Very cool.

  4. Seriously, the yellow and gray is so cool for a boy! I absolutely want this vneck pattern now!!! Great job!

  5. I came over from Call Ajaires...I always seem to find great blogs at her place. When I saw your cute tee with contrasting neckband, I knew I was gonna subscribe & follow all over! But it's still extra sweet to enter a giveaway too:) thanks & nice to "meet" you!

  6. Perfect color for him. When I was on the RB site, somehow I missed the yellow.

  7. What a cutie! I love how comfy and wearable this shirt looks too!

  8. Adorable! Your little man is a cutie :)

  9. It looks great! And I totally agree with you on the skulls and other graphic tees...

  10. awesome job - isn't this a great V neck pattern! I love the grey and yellow - perfect for your son!!! *and I'm not a skulls fan in general either ;op


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