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Introduction to Family Photo Stitched With Love

One of my great lifelong loves is, Photography & Photoshop. My favorite season is fall. And for that reason fall family photos top the highlight of my year. I love seeing all the sweet photos of my friends and their families.
This is a picture I took of my sweet friend and her family two years ago. She is so beautiful and her kiddos are so sweet.
I am sure you have been around here long enough that you know we love sewing, one day I woke up from a nap (all my best ideas come after napping or sleeping) and thought why not do a series that encompassed a whole bunch of my favorite things.
The contributors were asked to sew at least 2 items to use for a family photograph. Decide on a color scheme then plan items based on that color scheme. They had the option to use items that they had already made, if they fit the bill. We asked them to get a family photo, which could be the whole family (even including the dog or cat), just kids, or just them and their spouse. Also, the picture didn't have to be taken by a professional photographer.
I made all the little guys tie shirts for this picture using different thickness of ribbon, Boston and I's skirts and Al made her and Ty's skirt.

That and there was a bunch of sweet bloggers that I had recently found that I really wanted to guest post over here. I urgently called one of my sisters to see what she thought (I think it was Al) and then promptly e-mailed, RaeAnna to see if she wanted to join in (if she would have said no we might not have had the series because she is like golden and I knew it was actually a good idea if she said yes). 

October 8: Bethany from I Married Superman
October 9: Jo from Shaffer Sisters
October 10: April from Modern Homemade
October 11: Al from Shaffer Sisters
October 14: RaeAnna from Sewing Mama RaeAnna
October 15: Jenn from A Jennuine Life
October 16: Heather from Feathers Flight
October 17: Olga from Kid Approved
October 18: Rebecca from Rock the Stitch
October 21: Scary from Shaffer Sisters
October 22: Highlights from the Flickr Group
We really wanted to make sure we put in a whole new crew of inspiration contributors than when we did our Make for Mom, because we showcase some new talent and make more friends. Everyone of these ladies, was selected by Shaffer Sister phone conversations and with great anticipation as we waited for an e-mail response.
It is our hope with this series to make the traditional fall family photo more accessible to anyone no matter the budget or size. We want to inspire you, our readers to go out and get photos of their family no matter the limitations. Please upload your Family Photos Stitched with Love to our Flickr group, we would love to see your creations.


  1. Yeah! Excited for the series! Better get my act together here. Ahem. Thank you so much for inviting me!

  2. LOL!!! I'm humbled to be mentioned!!! You guys are so on top of everything! I'm excited to see all the posts!!! :)


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