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Kid Approved's {Family Photo Stitched w/ Love)

Today we get to be graced with the opportunity to introduce you to Olga from Kid Approved. She is incredibly talented and creative. Her style often uses bold fabrics with fun details with a refreshing European style to it. To top it off, she does many up-cycled projects. She's so good at taking something unwanted and unloved and turning it into something incredible.
Make sure that besides stopping by to see the rest of her pictures, that you navigate through her blog. I'm sure you will impressed by her style and intrigued by her stories. As I was looking back through her blog I was reminded of her 80s Project Sewn dress. What a stunning dress and an incredible story. I've heard so much of Russian propaganda from that time, but never straight from someone that has experienced it.
I just can't get over this incredible dress that gives an incredible feminine curve. I love dresses like these. I have never made anything so perfect  for myself.
I think that these Vroom Vroom pants embody childhood, but especially what it's like to be a little boy and be sure that everything makes a vroom sound. I'm definitely going to be making some for my son for Christmas!
I instantly fell in love with this oh so precious vintage pillowcase skirt and will keep my eyes peeled next time I go to a thrift store.
We are sad that the last couple of weeks have gone by so fast (haven't the pictures been so fun?) but we still have a few contributions left to go so stick with us.
With Love,
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October 17: Olga from Kid Approved
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  1. Thank you so much for having me! I had a blast and really enjoyed seeing all the photos of other participants! Very inspirational.


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