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Ironman: MARVEL-ous Birth Story Series

When Superman was 5, Hulk was 3, and Flash was 2, we found out we were having another little boy!  It was starting to get to be a joke with us.  I really was laughing at the ultrasound.
I know this isn't part of the birthstory, but with 3 boys to rangle in to white shirts and ties on Sundays, and 3 boys to keep this Stay-at-home mom from showering on a regular basis, and 3 boys to chase down the street every time I hear the door open or shut, and 3 boys to keep away from the meat cleaver, I just knew I would be in over my head and drowning with four!
So, let it begin.
Ironman decided to join our family one cold winter night.  I had been having contractions through the day, and about 10 pm, I decided that they were strong enough, that we could go to the hospital.  When I checked in, they checked me, and I was at about a 4.  They started me on an antibiotic, as I had group B strep.  Then, they let me walk.
This time around, I had decided to go with a midwife-delivery at the hospital.  My midwife was amazing!  She was patient, and she listened.   She stayed by my side and walked me through this new scary way of delivering a baby, where I was actually in charge.  Captain America and I walked for about 30 minutes.  At this point, I literally couldn't walk any more and I felt strongly like it was time to push.  With all of the other boys, everyone else told me when to push or when not to.

 This was a first for me, so when Iron man didn't come right away, I wasn't really sure what I had done wrong.  But after about 30 minutes of pushing, we found out.  Ironman was posterior.  The little stinker!  When he came out, he was beautiful, and I was alert and attentive.  This was by far my favorite delivery, and I felt that instant rush of emotions that comes from a drug free delivery.  After going the gammet of birth experiences, minus a c-section, I would definitly recommend this way!   The midwife was with me for the 2 hours I was in delivery.  She coached and calmed and laughed.  Because I hadn't recieved the 4 hours of antibiotics required, Ironman and I stayed in the hospital for 2 days.

This is just between you and me, but after that 48 hours, Captain America looked like he might need a couple days to recouperate in the hospital.  Those marvelous superheros of ours had warn him out!
with love,

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  1. That urge to push is incredibly strong, isn't it? Love these stories! =)


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