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Party! my sewing machine is fixed.

Back in September I was making a super fancy sequined top for my niece.  She loved it!  But, my sewing machine hated it!  It broke.  The needle clamp just fell apart.  My sisters and mom have been on my case to fix it, but with everything going on, I just never made the phone call.
The other day I was on the phone with Momma Shaffer.  She asked me if I had called the sewing shop yet. "No", I said, with a list of 10 excuses to back me up.  "Well", she said, "just do it.  I will wait on the phone, while you look up the number, and then after you have called, call me back."  So, I did.  It was providential.  The shop is a 10 hour drive from me, but, the lady who answered was coming to my town the following day.  She offered to bring the part with her.  It was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture.  The cost of the new part was only $8 and replacing it was seamless.  (see what I did there?)  Sew( haha),  I had to check it out, and make sure it worked.
A few hours later, and Rogue had a new shirt, and skirt with a yoga pant waist band, and Iron man has a new cool dude sweatshirt, plus I patched his pants!
this is a yucky stained white turtle neck, that we refashioned with a kangaroo pocket and some fabric paint

This is Rogues fall outfit, from left over scraps old clothes and fabric paint.  So fun!
here is the back.
Ironman's new sweatshirt, with a snow boarder and some fabric paint.  I also, totally love the collar and sleeves!
I sewed a draw string into the waist band, and I wanted to keep with the snow boarder feel, sew I added a cotton dust band on the bottom.

This is the perfect fall sweatshirt for my ALL boy.
This was the perfect creative outlet, and my superheros loved getting out for the photo shoot!

We are all happy.  Now, I can make those Nativity costumes I signed up for :)
with love,

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  1. Those are some really adorable outfits! And I know all about putting off fixing a sewing machine... I haven't been able to sew buttonholes for months, although since it is a wiring problem I'm honestly not sure if fixing it is even possible.


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