I Can Do Hard Things! {Free printable}

Free Printable at the Bottom A while back I was watching my friend, Vandi family's blog. In the video her 3 year old daughter said, "I can do hard things" as she struggled through a difficult task. I was blown away by the confidence this little girl had in herself, I could tell that her mom had given her such encouragement that she knew that she had the ability and mental strength to move forward. I knew then that I wanted my children to know with such absolute faith that they could do hard things. Teaching Our Children One night Ryder woke up in the middle of the night needing to go to the bathroom. Ryder usually falls asleep with the door open for bedtime we don't leave it open because he in the past has woke up and had "parties" which have resulted in dangerous situations because Slim Jim and I were asleep. Ryder takes great comfort to falling asleep with the door open and I take great comfort in it being shut when I am not awake to catch him play
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