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February 24, 2012

All about # 2

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apparently we have had a serious lack of #2 pictures up lately, so here yah go. He really lives and loves at our house too. These are all from Jan or Feb.
February 22, 2012

A little from the Home school Front

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#5 looking very scholarly

#3 and #1 playing to 12 and back again (an adding game with 3 sets of dice- sort of like Bunco)
#4 looking a little sheepish after being caught red handed with moms camera
The fish was a "melted crayon on wax paper collage" the picture is a butterfly wedding- both creations of #3(the fish was invited to the wedding)
My "roll out" celebration rose from Hubbin
#4 looking Daper or similar to a funny little doll I had when I was growing up.
Homeschool around the table- A little of #4's famous chili, math, handwriting, and brotherly love.
#5's first ponytail
#5 helping me with the dishes.

My new hair cut(I know it is not relevant to homeschool- but I can't figure out how to sort these pictures.)
#3 was inspired by the picture on the left, to draw the picture on the right.
Telling me all about it.
Waiting to see Harold and the Purple Crayon
becoming the sculpture
#3 at the Institute- what fun!

February 20, 2012

My Day (in doubles)

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My day consisted of...
Two kids full of smiles, yells and cries.

Two loads of dishes in the dish washer.
Making two cuddle soft blankets for two close girlfriends that are having babies.
Two out of the five rooms getting picked up (3 more to go tomorrow)
Two exhausted feet laying in bed.
And now two eyes that are closing. Good night.

February 13, 2012

Valentine's Sewing

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When we were kids my mom always made Valentine's Day special for us. I remember one year one of my siblings (think it was Jo) got socks that had peppers and said "Hot Stuff". When I got in college then I was excited for the approach of Valentine's day because usually it meant some awesome addition to my closet.
I have tried to continue the tradition of making Valentine's day special for my kiddos, last year I blew up around 35 balloons and put them in Ryders room (which is 8' by 10') so that when he woke up from his nap he would be surrounded by balloons. I think we will be doing something similar to this again this year.
I wanted to be able to do something special for Boston but with her only being a month old besides the cuddling, changing diapers and feeding her there isn't a lot special I can do, so I decided to make it special for her I would whip up a dress for her perfect for the holiday of love. That project then turned into 3 projects. With the left over material from Boston's dress I made a three tiered skirt for her cousin and appliqued a faux tie onto a tee shirt for her brother. Here is the result:
Guess what? The Valentine's Dress-up clothes only cost......drum roll.......
$5 dollars. $3 dollars for the shirt that the applique was applied to and $2 dollars for the satin used for the dress and skirt. The Bright pink ribbon used on top of the skirt and used on the tie was material I just had on hand. And the cream on the skirt is scraps from Boston's blessing dress. The Tulle on Boston's dress was some that I had on hand from making her crib skirt.
This little girl loves her baby girl cousin.
What's harder than getting a picture of one kid in their outfit? Answer: Trying to get a picture of 3.

I decided to do a little photo shoot with the toddlers so that we could send some personalized Valentines to the Grandparents some personalized Valentines. I guess we could call these pictures "Valentine's Day Date"
What to do if you have a handsome Valentine's Day Date?
Go for a walk with him.
Give him your best smile.
If that doesn't work give him a goofy grin.
Now in a last ditch effort to save your date, just try to grab his hand.
After that if he runs away don't be afraid to chase him.

After all this work I am ready to go to bed. But I hope you all have a very Happy Valentine's Day.

We are participating in:
I Heart Nap Time Dear Lillie's Valentine's Link Party
February 13, 2012

Please insert horror music here

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I am going to start this "organize my room" post with a little, uhm-pride saving explanation for my mess. This could also be called a "please don't judge me" disclaimer.
This really is my messiest space.
My basement flooded several times last summer and fall. Each time it happened I washed and resorted this mess. The final time being some time in the fall without a "re-sorting party"
I had a baby last summer.
I spent 1 month in Idaho over the summer.
I survived August.
I sent 3 of my kids to school in September, became the schools volunteer coordinator, our church compassionate service leader/ visiting teaching coordinator.
October and November seem to be a blur, but I am sure there is a reason why I didn't clean up this mess.
December was of course holiday preparations, and I started homeschooling.
January and February I home schooled with 5 kids.
OK, now here comes the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad mess in the basement- with horror music.

Yeah its bad, go ahead enlarge it. Yep still bad.
My mother did not raise me like this. She always encouraged cleanliness and organization. Sorry Mom.
So, I made a few scratch marks on the picture.
A. is all of the snow stuff. I need to organize it in to "keep it" or "good-will it" and then organize it in to sizes.
B is all of our excess bedding. I really just need extra storage shelves for this-almost like a linen closet.
C is all of our camping stuff. I think this can find another place to live. Possibly in a big storage bin in the storage shed outside-(It is empty)(I am not really the hoarder I appear to be.
D is all of my extra fabric that was mildewed-it is sad. I guess I should throw this away? I am not really sure how to dispose of unusable fabric in the city (so that is on the to-do list for this week.)
There are two fans, 1 under the pile and one on top. They can both be stored in the garage for the winter.
I plan to paint the wall-anything but that seafoam green!
I plan to utilize the shelves that I do have in the storage room
I also plan to consider covering the exposed floorboards in the ceiling- to try and minimize spiders.
I plan to take out the wall on the right- to expose the under side of the stairs. I want to do
something amazing with that area. but, shhh its a secret, to be revealed next week.
I think my color pallet will be tan red and black.

Finally, I intend to do this between 7 and 11pm each night that I am home this week and next. Which looks like Mon, Tues, Wed., and Mon next week. So 16 hours of work. I can totally do it right? You will get my blog update next Tuesday.

February 12, 2012

Week 1: Organizing Digital Files

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Don't know if you can see this but there is almost 50 GB (or for the non-computer type that is 13,000+ files contained in some 475 folders) of information in my cool random files folder. This folder was originally created so that I would have a temporary place to save pictures as I worked with them and then I would get rid of the ones that were not worthy of editing. The cool random files folder on my computer has become the catch all location for dumping my camera card, Photoshop documents that I am working on and anything and everything else that is in progress.
When Slim Jim and I were in the market for a new computer for me 2 1/2 years ago we talked about getting a computer that would have enough RAM to keep up with my Adobe programs and enough storage to hold my jpgs and psds.
Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, my computer started doing weird things where it would either shut off or it was just running really loud. Slim Jim took off the cover and looked around. He saw that the fan was broken and realized it would need to be replaced. So he ordered the replacement part off of Amazon and as soon as it came he took apart my computer and tried to replace it. It didn't quite fit right at first so the part had to modified. A few days later my precious computer was lying in pieces on the dinning room table (this was a devastated, no one had told me that the whole computer had to be taken apart piece by piece to replace the fan), then I suddenly thought, "What if the hard drive gets corrupted in the juggle. I don't have a backup of these files beside what is on Facebook and Blogger.....What if I lose all of my files. I won't have any pictures from Rhett's first two years of his life." I turned white as a ghost. Slim Jim asked me what was wrong, I explained the gravity of the situation and his face got really white and I began to see his mind process how many years he would have to sleep on the couch if he had lost all my files (most important the picture of my baby boy). The next day he put it together and hoped that it would work. He plugged it in and started it up, but when Windows was loading it only loaded 75% of the way and then froze.
At this point I said that nothing was allowed to be done on the computer until all the files on my hard drive were recovered/backed up. Slim Jim agreed with me that we should take it to a professional backup the files (at this point he had to because I was using my quiet angry tone regarding this subject). I know it probably seems like I am being a little too tough on Slim Jim, I probably was but Slim Jim knows he is a car guy. It is like this, would you take your car to a computer guy to get it fixed?...No....Well it is an equally bad idea to have your computer worked on by a car guy. Then my brother (computer guy) called to talk to me about the computer he said that he had all the tools to do the backup, a that he could up and running quickly. He started on the backup but he didn't realize the size of the backup and ran out of space while backing up the files, so we went to Best Buy to get 2-2 TB hard drives. Several days later my brother came over and hooked everything back together. He started it up and it worked (apparently Slim Jim had plugged something up wrong). The good new is nothing was wrong! But this served as a real wake up call for me that any file I am not comfortable with loosing should be backup on something beside my computer.

When I realized that I was a big dummy for not backing up my files I began to look for the best alternative for photo storage. These are the options I considered:
1. Portable Hard Drive. Advantages: One time fee. No need to upload files, simply just drag from picture folder to external hard drive. Disadvantages: Expensive and they often fail (we had one fail in the past).
2. Pro Account on Flickr/Photobucket. Advantages: Files are available online so no matter what computer I was on I could access them. They also have a mobile application so I can download photos I have uploaded to my account and send them via text message. Also, I can copy the url from flickr and put the image on my blog without slowing up my blog. Disadvantages: Yearly fee. I have to upload them through the internet.
After deciding that I was going with an online photo hosting service.
I then had to decide between Flickr or Photobucket and here are the reasons I went with Flickr:
1. Flickr never delete your original photos if for some reason you don't have the financial resources when it comes time for you to renew your pro account (Photobucket does after 60 days, which stinks if you are using it for a back-up). Flickr does in fact limits you to your most recent 200 (with a maximium file size that you can access 5 mb) pictures if don't have a free account with Photobucket they won't  you on the total number of files (at 1 mb a piece).
2. There interface seemed much more visually appealing to me (Photobucket kind of reminded me of myspace with the basic theme and then the ability to change it to things like blinking stars).

My organizational goals are to:
1a. Back-up all the worthwhile pictures I have on my computer onto my Flickr account. (Week 1 and 2)
b. Organize the photos that have been uploaded to Flickr into Sets and Collections.
2. Create a system for myself so that when I dump all of my files off of a sd card that I trash the pictures that didn't turn out right and categorize the ones that I want to keep. This system also needs to include a step for uploading pictures to Flickr. (Week 3)
3. Cool Random Files will be much smaller because all the picture files will be put in their proper place (or deleted).  (Week 3)
February 10, 2012

Rebuttal and New Challenge

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Well girls, that was fun (in case you miss it here are the diagnosis of each other and what side of the brain we are).

I am now going to analyze our diagnoses. 
Scary's diagnosis was very right brained- kind and considerate of the feelings of others, and in the end unable to give her self a diagnosis.
Al's was very right brained in her analysis. She first listed herself, then me, then Scary.
Where is the order here?! I would say out of each version-
I had the most left brained format. Did you notice the function, order, and logical layout. Just saying.
OK for the next challenge.
This a three part/week challenge.  
Week 1:Choose your messiest room/closet/cupboard in the house, and take a picture. Write out a detailed description of how you intend to improve on that space. Then over the course of the week, improve it.
Week 2: take a picture of your newly improved space.  
Week 3: show an "after a weeks worth of use" after picture, and modify the "organizational plan" if needed. Notice that this challenge is coming from your "right brained" sister.
February 08, 2012

WBWW: Growing Up

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It is always crazy for me to see how much my kids are growing by watching them grow out of their clothes. A perfect example of this is Boston's coming home from the hospital outfit.
The day we brought her home
Hat: Gift from Hospital Nurses
Dress: Made by Scary from the Sweet Little Dress from leila & ben
Leggings: Clearance section Walmart

Three weeks later
The dress is now too short.
I love that sweet face
And those bright eyes.
Headband: Made by Scary from one knee high nylon stocking (60 cents for a pair at Walmart)
Bow: Made by Scary using instructions from the Girly Things

Pretty In Purple
I loved how this outfit looked on her but it also put me through a bit a shock because it made her look really grown up compared to the newborn we had.
Rhett decided to help me out in getting some pictures
Love this outfit
Carter Outfit (shirt and pants): Gift from Mother and Sister-in-Law ( I believe they purchased it at Kohls).
Headband: Made by Scary from one knee high nylon stocking (60 cents for a pair at Walmart)
Bow: Made by Scary using instructions from the Girly Things

The Comfort Queen
Even though our little girl looks precious in everything she quite prefers the days where she gets to wear a soft long sleeved onesie and pants. I guess she gets that from her mom.
I forgot to take a picture of her in this outfit until the end of the day. So I decided to snap a few shots even though I didn't have any natural light to take pictures. It was her first exposure to flash and I am pretty sure she didn't liked it.
The shirt is so soft and comfortable and I am excited that she finally can wear the jeans without them falling off. I love the ruffle detail they have.
"Mom, I am tired and I would like it if you would quit taking my picture."
Hair Accessory: Made by Scary by staking circles that have been folded twice
Pink Poke-a-dot Onesie: Gift from Mom's friend (came in a set, I believe it was purchased at Macy's) 
Jeans: Purchased from Kmart

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