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March 13, 2012

Little Leprechaun & the Rainbow Ladies.

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I had so much fun with making the kids Valentine's outfits, I decided holiday/seasonal themed clothing would become a staple in our blog.
"What's that?" I told him it was a rock.
Then he turned to Boston and said, "Bubba, look a rock."
What was that mom... you want me to look and smile at the camera? Just way too hard.
Wonder who's in charge?
What have I learned about these photoshoots? Well that Ty will smile and look at the camera and Ryder will look confused and point out every rock, car and truck.
"Truck Mommy."
What is nearly as difficult as catching a Leprechaun? Trying to get a picture of a little boy in his Leprechaun outfit while he is playing at the park.
They were happy to be playing at the park, they didn't even realize they were the brightest thing out there.
We told them if they smiled they would get candy.
Price Tag of this Month's Sewing Adventure: $14 (this is for 3 complete outfits!)
$7 -  (6) 1/4 yrd of fabric (all the colors in the rainbow besides green)
$4 - 1 yard of Green remnant fabric
$1 - Tee Shirt
$2 - Bias Tape to finish the Dress
Want to know how we did it? Well here are some instructions, sorry there are no pictures but I don't have the time (reason why I have been up since 4:45 doing this post) to do picture tutorials but I tried to be as descriptive as possible in my instructions.
The Little Leprechaun Outfit
I used a pair of Ryder's sweatpants as a pattern. I folded them in half traced them and then added 5/8" to the sides for seam allowance. And then 1 1/4" inches to the top. To finish the top I folded the fabric over 1/4" and then another 1/2" and then ran my elastic through.
To make the rolled look on the shorts I made a very wide hem (something probably like 6-8 inches?), then I rolled the pant up to show part of the hem. Until the bottom of the shorts were just above the knee. Then I matched up my seams on the fold of the shorts with the seam on the upper part of the short and sewed on the seam ditch (this was done to keep the fold in place)
I used some heat bond to assist me in applique the bow tie on a white shirt. After I got it where I wanted it I just did a small zig zag stitch round and around, until I was satisfied with the results.
(I haven't written a tutorial for this technique because I am not really sure that I am doing this right and there are ton of great applique tutorials out there.)
Rainbow Dresses
Ty loves Boston so much good thing, there will be a baby coming to her house shortly. So that she has another baby to give attention to.
One day when I was sick with a cold, I decided to veg out on Nancy Zieman (aka Sewing with Nancy) sewing videos. One really caught my attention it was her pillow case dress made out of yardage.

After talking it through with Al, we decided this would make the perfect rainbow dress for Saint Patrick's day.

For the Dress for Ty (1 1/2yrs), we used (7) 5" strips of fabric and pieced them together with a 5/8" seam allowance. Using Nancy's Notions Pattern instructions we made a size 3 dress. The only adjustment to the her pattern I made was to only trim off 1/4" on the bottom with the serger and then did 1/2" hem. I serged all seams and each strip was top stitched at the top of the fabric strip. Our dress ended up a little longer than what was stated in the pattern but that is the way Al wanted it. Al has such a hard time finding dresses that are long enough so a long rainbow dress will be able to work for a couple of years.
I love those sweet little cheeks.
For the Dress for Boston (2 months), we used (7) 3" strips cut to a width of 30" and then pieced them together with a 5/8" seam allowance, with all edges finished with serger. I used the same 1/2" hem on her dress.
I loved Nancy's sewing trick to use bais tape and stitch in the ditch to create the ties on the dress (I think I am going to be using that trick from now on out).
I love Ryder's mischievous grin in this picture. That is totally my little man.
March 10, 2012

A little more from Home-school

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Home-school is consuming my life in the best possible way. I lay awake at night scheming up creative lesson plans. I browse the internet looking for free educational experiences in our area. I relish the fact that our PE is done with instructors at the Y in a class no bigger than 1 on 4. I carefully comb over the women at church, as possible guest speakers for our home-school co-op.
Here is a picture from a recent homeschool project. This is #2 sporting his workmanship. (the "thing" on his neck)

#2 made this "necklace" from a weaving project we did during our pioneer days co-op. The day he made this, we studied the freedom quilt. this link should take you there.
We also made flour from millet and then made pancakes. Our writing assignment was how does a slaves journey to freedom resemble that of a pioneer?

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