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September 27, 2012

Surely Stylish Scarlet

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As I was reading the themes for this season's P.R.&P. As soon as I read the details for the white sheet challenge I knew what I would be doing. You all remember Scarlet's white dress from the opening Gone with the Wind.  But then I realized as much as I love the skirt...but HATE the top. There I said it I think it is ugly I hate the abundance of lace on the sleeves and neckline.

I didn't know what would go with all those ruffles, then I found this sweet website: How Do We Run On? I was inspired by all of Scarlet's fashion statements not just this one. Then I was reminded of her Honeymoon Outfit:
Boom, it hit me. Modern twist on classy designs.

The skirt is a circle skirt (based on the instructions from Dana Made it) rows and rows of ruffles. I finished the edges of the strips with a red rolled hem to give a decorative feature without the weight or fuss of lace. I used my ruffling foot to make large strips of ruffles until I had enough to make five rows ruffles, 2.5 inches in height. This took the full length of a king sized sheet 6 times cut at 2.75 inches (I lost some to my rolled hem). The red elastic is in place of her red band on her dress.
The shirt I made from small portions of 3X Large shirts I found for a $1 at Walmart. I used Simple Simon & Company's 3 Seam Caftan tutorial. The white part was made by cutting a 7 by 16 inch rectangle. The black I used the bottom of the shirt so I didn't add any more for bottom hem. That rectangle was 6.5 by 16 inches. I serged the white with the black and then serged down the sides.
The design was cut out on freezer paper using Al's Silhouette Cameo, the black decoration was done with craft paint with fabric paint medium and the white decoration was done with white spray paint.
I love this shirt with pants. And Ty had such a good time playing with the shirt and she loves the red covered buttons on the sleeve.
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September 20, 2012

Dior Inspired Sewing

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In High School my family visited MET as  part of New York family vacation. I was so excited when one of the collections was the Haute Couture which featured several of Dior's dresses. I was over whelmed with happiness as I saw the textures and the sure quantity of beautiful fabric.
As I read about Dior and how took fashion from function to beauty. His designs were feminine and accentuated a ladies shape.
I love beautiful fabric, though quilting goes so much quicker for me. I don't feel as alive when I am working on quilt than when I am making a pretty dress. I remember the looks of disgust/awe I got from people when I told them that my senior prom dress had 30 yards of fabric in it. I can only imagine the looks Dior got when he changed fashion from function to glamor in a post WWII world. (Dior and I both studied the field of Political Science).
Instead of copying one of Dior's dresses I decided to look over hundred's of his designs and come up ground rules for my own creation (All pictures from the MET website):
1. Dior designs have dimension from using different fabrics.
"May" Spring 1953
"Junon" dress, Fall/Winter 1949–50
2.He loved showing a woman's shape.
"Mexico" spring/summer 1953
"Nuit D'Aout" Spring/Summer 1954

Now though I love Dior my fabric budget doesn't allow  for fancy fabrics, so the material I used for my Dior Inspired Sewing project was from a curtain that didn't dye right and a red tag fabric from Joann's. Though neither are silk I loved the shimmer on the shell fabric and I love the design that is embroidered on the skirts.
Here is my result:

When I finished it today I wasn't sure I fit Dior style but then I came across these two designs and felt comfortable with calling mine a Dior Inspired Sewing projects.
Donated to the MET
by Mrs. William Randolph Hearst, Jr., 1953
"Eugénie" Fall/Winter 1948–49
Ty was in "pretty dress" heaven. When she put her new dress one of her friends demanded to go home and put another princess dress. 
September 19, 2012

Sweatshirt to Maxi Sweatskirt Refashion Tutorial

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Anyone who has seen Napoleon Dynamite can faintly remember the horse shirt that he wears in one of the scenes, the thing that some of you that aren't from rural Idaho might not know is that the horse shirt is a true representation of Idaho citizens in the 90's. I remember horse shirts being the coolest thing in elementary, everyone had them (along with neon shoelaces and double pair of socks). My mom went to a screen printing shop when she visited West Yellowstone and came back with one of the coolest shirts I had ever seen. I always thought my mom looked so elegant in her horse screen printed sweatshirt.
Yesterday, Al and I were going through the refashioning pile and I was so surprised when she pulled out my mom's beautiful horse sweatshirt from the 90s. We talked about how we had both loved the shirt when we were kids. She said the last time she was home Mom sadly put it in the DI pile, Al rescued it. We talked about the possibilities, we finally decided on a horse sweatshirt dress (that we later changed to a sweatskirt).

September 14, 2012

Optical Illusion Skirt, With Matching Tie and Shorts for brother

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When I decided to participate in the sew along challenge for project run and play I was brainstorming ideas for the very bias skirt with my mom and she said striped material is fun for bias. And then it hit me use my red tag clearance fabric for the very bias skirt pattern redesign. And make matching shorts and tie for Ryder. (Ryder has reached the age where he is aware that I am making something for Boston and not for him, which makes it best if he gets a matching something). 


September 05, 2012

Our Cute Kids

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So most days and moments of being a mom are really hard. It seems that toddlers are almost always pushing limits and doing things they probably shouldn't. Even though parenting is frustrating a lot of the time, it seems that there are sweet little moments each day when you kid does the cutest darndest thing. When these happen, I'm going to sit down at the computer and write a blog post about it so that I can remember that moment. I invite all of my dear sisters to capture these beautiful moments and share them with me. Label them: kids say the darndest things.

Yesterday was one of those super sweet moments. Scary and I were in the kitchen making dinner and the kids were sitting across from each other at the table eating raisins.
As they were eating Ryder said to Ty, "You wanna get married?" Chuckle, chuckle.
Pause, "Ya." Chuckle, chuckle (Ty)
"You wanna pick out a movie?" (Ryder)
"Ya. Let's get get married and pick up a movie." (Ty)
"Okay." (Ryder) By now they are both giggling.


September 02, 2012

Protecting Your Tools: Simple Way Tutorial {Has so few steps maybe I should call it an idea)

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We had a stinky thing happen last week. Slim Jim had his Jack disappear out of his truck. It made me very upset, I decided that all of our tools would be marked. I am never having that happen again without the thief having to look at our name and face his/her terrible decision every day.

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