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August 29, 2014

Boy Bundle Up!

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This is the last day to bundle so if you have considered it, act now because tomorrow it will be gone. At that point you will have to pay full price on the designers site for the patterns.
Edit: They have extended the sale to the 1st for those that have paydays on the first so you have a couple more days to work on your husband before the deal expires. 

Today, I am excited to show you my final looks that I have sewn up from Pattern Revolution's Boy's Bundle Up Sale. Lately Ryder hit a growth spurt which means absolutely everything that was in his drawers are suddenly one size too small. I ran at the chance to participate in this bundle because I knew we both needed it. I needed to work at sewing for my growing boy and the clothes he BADLY needed.
Before I talk to you about the specifics of all the patterns I am featuring here today. I want to talk to you about the awesomeness that so many of the designs featured in the Bundle Up sale go into Tween Sizing! You may think I might be jumping the gun a bit since Ryder won't be attending kindergarten until next year. But with his most recent growth spurt he is now a 7 in commercial wear. At this rate I am sure we will be half way through tween sizes wear before elementary is done.
The first pattern I am showing ya, is Letterman jacket pattern from Fairtale Patterns. The sizes go from 4T-16 (Amazing range, right?).  I made a size 5 width and a 6 Length with a 7 length on the sleeves for extra bunching. I remember when I got measured for my Letterman Jacket I remember them telling me to get the sleeves long so that it could keep me warm no matter the conditions. You determine your size by finished measurements and not pattern averages.
I like how she had the different fabric requirements broken up easily and the use of snaps make it look official. For the pattern fabric suggestions they go from stable knits to woven or even faux leather. The "R" was done with felt (white letter) and ribbing (the gray background). I downloaded the Varsity font made an R stitched it on really well only to find out I had put it too low and it looked dumb. If you are applying a  letter of better to your Letterman jacket it looked a lot better when the top of the R was parallel to the top of the center of the top snap. The first time I applied it I was a lot lower and it didn't look right. 1/2 a day later I was finally done seam ripping my dumb R. The next time I made the R huge and then did the gray background. It worked so much better the second time.
I let Ryder help me design the jacket and his two suggestions is that it be green and that it have a big "R" on it so everyone could know what his name was. We took the drawing in the pattern into Photoshop and kept designing until we got it right. All the fabric for this project came from JoAnn's. I wished they would have had a higher quality of fleece/sweatshirt in bright green. I was well satisfied with the sleeve material and baby ribbing.
The first time he put the jacket on he said it is so warm and soft. I knew I had a hit with such a snuggle bug. And the pockets make him excited. Recently he has found that if he packs coins to the grocery store (and he is good) he can get ice cream afterwards. This has made it so everything must have pockets. The welted pockets were easy for even a beginner to do.
The second pattern I chose was the Field Research pants from Scientific Seamstress, this pattern ranges in size from 3-14!
This pattern is a relaxed fit, with great top stitching and detailed instructions. I made the mistake by choosing to make the size 7/8 (what his waist was) instead of the 6 that his hips had him listed at. I was very disappointed when I got done and I couldn't make them any smaller and they were still too big. Then I had to remember that I usually get my kids sizing perfect so every once in a while to get it it big by a size isn't the worst.
I decided at that moment I would make them into shorts and we would keep them for next summer. I decided on a length by adding a little length to this years shorts. It was a little sad for me to do this because the detailing really is off the hook, that and Ryder really needed new pants.
I have never made Ryder a pair of relax fit pair of pants but they seemed to have great movement as he put them to the test on the "tall playground" by our apartment. It didn't matter if he was upside down or right side up the shorts were cool from every direction.
I look forward to making another pair at the right size and am glad that this pattern will last until he is in Size 14. It is nearly impossible until now to find many boy pants patterns that went above size 8 until this bundle. 
The pattern features a zip off pants option, shorts and a custom inseam pant leg. There is also the ability to have lots of pockets, with the option for a front slash, back cargo and side cargo pocket. There is also instructions for making belt loops.
If you need further convincing before you go over and purchase the Bundle Up check out the work of all the amazing bloggers on the tour.

August 26, 2014

Samson Sweater by Love Notions

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A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky to get the help of Noah, Jo's second oldest son, for nearly a week. In that time I got to test the Samson Sweater pattern. It was exciting to get to work with such an refreshing and edgy look for older boys. Plus Noah got a hip back to school look.Win-win.
 There were many things I loved about this pattern, but my very favorite thing was how it recommended up-cycling from an old sweaters. This gives the opportunity to find some really cool knit without spending an arm and a leg.
The pattern has many options to customize the exact look. These are the options I had to choose between for testing, but since then Tami has added a front snap option. That will make it perfect for Heber considering his large head and how difficult it can be to get things over it.
 I opted to make the banded hem because a size 8 sweater took most of the length of the fabric from the up-cycled long sleeved polo. I paired the main fabric with red fabric cut from a maternity shirt that has never worked for me. Besides white, I didn't have any knit on hand that matched the color scheme. Given that factor and that arm cuffs are one of the easiest places to get dirty, I thought it would be wise to use the original navy arm cuffs instead of cutting white ones.
I love everything about this sweater and to be honest, I have serious sweater envy. I wish that I fit on the sizing chart for this pattern. I don't think there's anything I would change about this pattern, except that I cut to hoods so that I could have a contrast to my hoody.
Don't just take my word for it, you should keep your eyes open for everyone that has sewn it up.
Hopefully this patterns inspires you too. Here's some details I may not have fully covered:  
Three views are included: banded bottom, shirt-tail hem and hooded jacket. Also included is an optional hood, breast pocket and elbow patches. Meant for layering in cooler weather and heavy weight knits like velour, sweatshirt fleece, french terry, etc. For the baby boys as well as the big boys! 12mths - 14yrs.
If you purchase the Boy Bundle Up from Pattern Revolution go to the Love Notion Facebook page leave a comment with you bundled and Tami will message you with a code for 50% off. Or you can get 15% off the Samson sweater with code 'samson' at Etsy checkout, good through the 29th (no code needed for Craftsy).

August 25, 2014

Captain America Inspired Jacket {Crafting Con}

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Hey I am breaking the several week blogging silence today you can find me over at Friends Stitched Together as part of their Crafting Con Avengers Series.  Go check it out for all the details.
I used the P51 Jacket from Terra's Treasures which is currently available as part of the bundle up sale.
August 13, 2014

Swing the Day Away with the Sunny Top from Sew Very

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For a while now Boston has had this denim skirt; it is her very favorite skirt, but I have been at a loss of what to pair it with. Getting to be a part of the Sunny Dress Pattern Tour with sewVery ended up being the perfect solution to fix this problem. This will also be a good solution in future summers if I ever find myself in the same dilemma.

Honestly, this pattern shows more of the back than I'm comfortable exposing of my little girl to stand by itself. That being said, it is perfect for layering. With a skirt, jacket, and this top she is stylin' for any kind of outing. With this top I can keep the layers as light as possible and avoid overheating my little one. I'm sure the dress pattern would probably also make a cute swimsuit cover-up.

Usually woven tops have to have a looser fit to be comfortable, but because of the elastic casing at the back of the top, the fit is good and the top is also comfortable. The straps make it possible to make the fit last a little longer by simply not pulling the straps as tight.

The pattern calls for woven and woven fabric is easy to come by. Plus it really doesn't take very much fabric to make the top. You could easily use fabric from your refashion pile and then just pair it with a fun contrast fabric for the straps.

Another pro was that I only had to print off 2 pages to have the pattern for the size and style I needed. The total sewing time was about an hour and the cut time was under ten minutes. This is a pattern that is low on the required resources, but high on the functionality.

I feel like the pattern for this top was simple enough that a beginner could do it. There's nothing too difficult about it and there's not an overwhelming amount of instructions.

I only made one modification to the pattern to better fit my needs. Instead of using loops that are sewn onto the elastic casing, I put holes on the bodice just below the casing for a more permanent fixture. The collage above shows how I went about making these holes.

I did this because eventually loops that are sewn on might fall off. I know for me that it seems that the mending pile is ever growing. I have zero motivation to get to it when I could be creating something new. This means that everything I sew has to be made as permanent as possible.

The pattern also has a second option with a ruffle at the neckline. It would be fun to experiment more with this option when I have just the right complimentary fabric to go with my main fabric.

If you're interested: All this week, August 11th - 17th, use code SUNNY20 at checkout to save 20% off the regular price when you purchase the sewVery Sunny Dress & Top Pattern.

There are two ways to purchase: 1) through ejunkie and 2) through Craftsy (no code required for the discount here).  You can find both of these links with more information on the pattern in the sewVery Pattern Shop.

You should go check out the other talented people who stitched up this pattern as well!

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