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June 27, 2015

Extraordinary Girl Rash Guard

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I have found it so difficult to put together a few minutes to sew with our new little guy, with all that difficulty doesn't diminish the need for sewing in our house (Over a year ago, I committed to sewing or finding second hand item as much of the kids clothes as possible. It keeps me busy, but happy that I am not contributing to the fast fashion trends).
Today, I was going crazy so I finally committed to turning a blind eye to my household disaster and spend a few hours hanging out with my machine doing what I love. I knew that I might have a chance of finishing a full sewing project in one day if I sewed a pattern I had sewn before (when Boston dressed her self in this Extraordinary Girl top this morning I took it as a sign).
Boston has outgrown her swimsuit I made her for last years Beachy Boatneck Flip this Pattern and I knew without a doubt I wanted to make her a new rash guard and swim bottom. I loved that she can move freely in a rash guard, I don't have to spend 10 years applying sunscreen. Extra bonus the separate bottoms make bathroom breaks much easier on both of us. I decided to use the Extraordinary Girl from Filles a Maman this year instead of using the Beachy Boatneck I used last year.  I thought the lapped neckline would make it easier to get on and off but still keeping it very modest. I sewed the size 3 straight up because I am hoping I can make this last at least a year if not a year in half.
I went for mostly black fabric since our summer swimming has only been backyard water hose activities while Baby Wayne sleeps soundly in his room. I noticed that she was getting cold with her old rash guard and swim bottoms, I thought that if I went with bottoms then the rash guard should dry faster and keep her warmer.
As soon as the bottom hem was put in she was rushing to get it on. I am not even sure I got all my strings clipped before the kids were ready to go do the slip and slide. I hope that soon I will be able to finish the matching swim bottoms.
The kids were having such fun in the slide that instead of a professional on location photoshoot I just did a in our back year playing in the slip-n-slide for the first time pictures. This way I could also hit the sweet giveaway as part of the Canadian Pattern Designer giveaway. I alreally own and LOVE sooooo many patterns from many of the designers of Canadian Pattern tour, that I was able to participate without altering my sewing to sew list at all.
I hope you are all having a nice summer.

June 23, 2015

It a Baby Shower with a Giveaway for you

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Today you can find us over at Gracious Threads Baby Shower sharing some of our most beloved baby girl tutorials. Please peak over there and take a look and join in the giveaway because there are some pretty fabulous things to win and there will be 4 winners selected.

June 04, 2015

Shirts for the Tall Guys: Jalie Men's Shirt Pattern {Candian Pattern Designer Tour}

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First off I am so tickled to be part of the Canadian Pattern Tour so many of designers are among my favorite designers. We used this opportunity to try a new designer that we have never tried before. Let me tell you it didn't disappoint.

Al & I are always talking about the supportive nature of our sweet husbands. Without their help, encouragement, pizza runs, fabric store shopping, photography our blog would still be on square one. They have always supported us since the beginning because they knew that is was what we were passionate about and they were passionate about us. This project really is the perfect way for us to show our appreciation for them.
Up until recently I thought that Slim Jim appreciated the sewing I did for me and the kids but was okay with me stopping there. More and more frequently he seems to be dropping more and more hints that he wanted me to sew for him. Finally I asked him about it and he owned up to his desires, after that I really looked for patterns that would fit his casual relaxed style. Al's husband, Samson, has a similar relaxed style but doesn't feel comfortable with a v-neck (yet anyway we are trying to convince him that she should be).

The Jalie Men's Shirt pattern has 2 necklines (v-neck & crew) and 3 sleeve options (long sleeve, short, and a layered double sleeve) making it a great choice for the casual relaxed style guy.  The sizes start from a Boy's 2 (Chest: 22") and goes up to a Men's 22 (Chest: 50"). Really you couldn't ask for more in sizes from a tee pattern.

Al and I planned ordering a masculine looking knit that would fit the 40% stretch across the grain and in the length (according to the pattern). I felt like finding a fabric that met the requirements and what the guys would wear was a little difficult and May ended up being SUPER CRAZY for both good and bad reasons so I just pulled out a flat t-shirt sheet that I had on hand to sew them both up. Now that Sew Kinetic is back open I plan on making the next one out of their Triplex Heather, because it has the 40% across grain and length (I will just have to figure out whether Aqua or Surf will look better with Slim Jim eyes).

The only adjustment made to both tops was to add additional few inches since both guys are well over the average height for men. Slim Jim is almost 6'5" and Samson 6'4". 

This was my first Jalie pattern and I really like the way they write their instructions in a single sheet with references to the diagram page. This made it quick for sewing up and easy to reference specific questions. All instructions are written in both English and French.

My biggest complaint with the pattern was trying to figure out printing. It requires printing off the bottom pieces once for the front and once for the back. Printing off the front pattern pieces that match your choice of neckline style and then the back bodice piece.

Sometime V-Necks can be a little tricky but I felt like with the overlap it would be a great sew for event the most beginning sewist.  I think this would be perfect for a boy that was wanting to start sewing for himself. For me it was easy to sew both shirts at the same time, you really could build a whole wardrobe around this pattern. The neckline uses the same fabric, so you won't need ribbing.

How would you like a chance to win a Jalie pattern?
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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