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February 05, 2016

Sew Yourself Some {Cozy} Love

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Life has kept me engaged in my family, but there hasn't been very many opportunities to dust off the sewing machine and make something satifying. When I heard about the Sew Yourself Some Love Series I knew I had to join. There are so many talented designers participating in this series, but the two big patterns on my homebody wish list were the Going Rogue Socks from Wolf and Tree and the Drop Pocket Cardigan from Jalie. From start to finish I had them both cut out and sewn by lunch time with three little ones destroying the house.

Since having children (or maybe it's because I rarely wear shoes) my body's circulation isn't as great and my feet are always so cold. Now when I get into bed I don't have to chase my husband out the otherside with my icy toes. The big bonus is they sew up so fast and don't require much fabric. I must add a huge collection to my everyday wardrobe.

The cardigan is perfect and oh so cozy. plus the huge fully lined pockets are perfect. When my three year-old saw it he said, "Mom, you have purse pockets?! ... I can even put my hands in here too." The instructions are amazing for a beautifuly constructed sweater with so many great seams finishes. I was so amazed that I had my husband take a look, but unfortunately he doesn't know how to appreciate those finer things in life. From start to finish I had both pieces cut out and sewn by lunch time with three little ones destroying the house.

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February 04, 2016

Finding greatness

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It probably seems like the Shaffer Sisters have dropped off the face of the Earth, but we're still here I promise. Mostly we're just trying to get through the everyday, keep life in the right perspective, and enjoy the journey.

Jo is immersed in raising her six kids and also in the works of starting an afterschool program for the children of her city. Scary is carpooling her kindergartener to school, homeschooling her preschooler, and trying to keep a mobile baby safe. I am spending a lot of the time home with my 3 kids (teaching, cleaning, organizing, and even sometimes cooking).

There was so much that we learned and accomplished when we were most active with our blog, but there were parts of life that were lacking. Balance and simplicity being one of the biggest parts. Through the chaos, our true purposes were facing interference.

Right now we're just searching out what it is that He wants us to become, but little by little you may find us back a little more as we try to find equilibrium.

With Love,

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