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December 08, 2016

Runway Skirt

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It has been I while, since we are hardly ever here anymore I feel a little awkward talking to you about this fun pattern without telling you what is going on in my life. The last couple of months have been a little challenging but what is life without a few challenges. We had some changes that have been a bit of a challenge to our family's financial stability. I have been a stay at home mom for about 6 years and it looks like it is time for me to return at least part time if not full time to the working world. Some days I was sure the stress and the insecurity was going to swallow me hole.

One of those stresses has been looking at my wardrobe and knowing that my wardrobe is mostly "mommy clothes" of yoga pants and graphic tee shirts. I knew the Runway Skirt would be a great option for re-entering the work force. We seamstresses love when our vision is realized and everything turns out perfect but sometimes a project gives us experience and helps us be prepared for the next time we sew the pattern. I have to admit that this particular skirt fit more into the second category, it didn't turn out quite as I had imaged but I am here sharing my experience with you so that when you sew up the Runway Skirt it will be just as amazing as you imaged.

I had hoped that this skirt would have turned out a bit more business formal but my fabric choice of jersey and skirt length of midi reads a little more business casual, which will be great for some of the positions I am looking into where I would be working with children. I wasn't paying attention when I originally started cutting out my material but the godets need to be out of a light weight fabric with good drape, so keep that in mind when you are picking out your fabric.

I have been trying to deal with this stress in a more productive way that I usually do by cleaning up my eating instead of binge eating my stress numb. This has made my sizing a little different and I think that in the future I would go down a size and I would use for the main fabric one with much more recovery and spandex. It was one of those cases that using the fabric I had on hand really wasn't my best option.

I had a really hard time putting together this skirt because I kept getting back pattern pieces confused. I would line it up only to have little man (18 months old) run across them and make them into a big heap where I would have to reconfigure them once again. I am embarrassed to admit this but for you I am willing to be honest it took me probably 10 times before I realized the easiest way to keep the pattern pieces straight was to pin a number on the top of each pattern piece. Once I did that it sewed together so much faster and easier.

I must have stretched one of the outside pieces when I was putting it together wrong because the back right piece just seemed a bit longer than the rest and I know I cut it with the mirroring side. I tried to ease it in but when I put my leg up and bend just so it does show that slight pucker.

Aren't you so glad that I have troubleshooted this skirt pattern for you so that soon you can be walking the room like your own personal catwalk? The skirt is currently 20% off  through December 9th. No code needed.

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